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Kelly Miles

Patient Services

I joined the Body Renovation team in September 2021. I have always worked in customer service and after college I took on a manager role in retail. After a few years, retail was not for me anymore. I wanted to take a different route but remain in customer service as I truly enjoy interacting with and helping people.

I found Body Renovation during the pandemic and was immediately welcomed into a wonderful team. I enjoy getting to know our patients and being of assistance to them and our therapists with all of their administrative and front office needs. 

My favorite food to cook: Any pasta dish. I would love to get into making home made pasta.

If I could visit anywhere in the world: Ireland 

Worst injury I ever suffered: I have never had a major injury, knock on wood. 

When I am not at work, I am: Spending time with family and friends, taking road trips and exploring Milwaukee (I've called it home for 12 years and there are still new things to discover).

Best advice I've ever received: Simple. Trust your gut.

(262) 375-1075

Kelly Miles
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