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Matt Kinkade


Physical therapy was a second career path for me, as I worked as a carpenter in my early 20’s. I also volunteered with a disaster relief organization where I was able to help with the Space Shuttle Columbia recovery in Texas, participated in search/recovery diving and other relief services. It was here where service and helping others became a passion that propelled me into my PT education.

I feel my professional skills are an expression of my core purpose to compassionately meet the needs of those I serves. Since graduating from Concordia University in 2013, I have worked diligently to obtain manual therapy and diagnostic skills necessary to creatively and skillfully "leave no stone unturned." This includes certifications in trigger point dry needling, the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (Levels 1 and 2) and training in Schroth Rehabilitation Method (Level I). I have extensive experience treating a variety of spine conditions, chronic low back pain, neck pain and postoperative spine surgeries. I also enjoys treating the jaw/TMJ.

See me for: Neck Pain and Radiculopathy, Low Back Pain, Postoperative Spine Surgeries, Postoperative Knee Replacement, Anterior Knee Pain, TMJ/D, Shoulder Impingement, Adult Scoliosis.


Why I Chose to Become a PT: As a teenager, I learned how important movement and exercise was for me as I lost weight and became stronger through a martial arts class. As a young adult, being apart of a service organization instilled the importance of helping others. Physical therapy was the perfect profession to blend service and helping others with wellness and exercise.

Worst injury I ever suffered: Right ankle sprain playing basketball (it really hurt.) Thankfully, I have not had worse.


Craziest injury I have treated: I once treated someone only for their second toe. They were unable to lift it actively.

My favorite food to cook: Brats and burgers on my flip/flop grill.


If I could visit anywhere in the world: I want to see the Redwoods somewhere on the west coast. Then go surfing.

When I am not at work, I am: Doing projects around my house, at the pool with my kids and eating s'mores around the fire. Surfing. And, cheering on the Packers (don't worry ... I have successfully treated both Bear and Viking fans in my career.)


Best advice I’ve ever received: Don’t become a Packer fan – They will break your heart. (Received but not applied).


My quote to live by: “Everyone is created on purpose, for purpose.”

(262) 375-1075

Matt Kinkade
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