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Annie Wagner


Back in 2001, Body Renovation was a simple vision in the head of my husband, Rick Wagner. He wanted to create an environment where the most passionate and talented physical therapists could:

1. Treat in the best interest of the patient (not the hospital bottom line),

2. Share all the amazing treatment skills they learned over their careers and

3. Learn from one another in a positive, motivating clinical space.

Ultimately, Rick wanted a place where both therapists and patients would thrive, without big medicine getting in the way.

By 2006, Rick was swamped with patients … and paperwork. At the time, I was working in corporate communications at a local hospital system. Seeing Rick needed help, I quit my job … and BRPT made its’ first administrative hire. To allow Rick to focus on patient care, I took over anything and everything not patient-related.

And now, looking back on all the years we've worked together and patients we've helped, I’m thankful for the road we’ve taken. It’s not just the two of us anymore ... we have a daughter at home and an ever expanding team at work. But, I continue to be excited for the work I do and am humbled by what I learn from the people around me everyday.

My favorite food to cook: Fajitas for my family

If I could visit anywhere in the world: Full tour of Southeast Asia/Polynesia

Worst injury I ever suffered: While playing volleyball in college, I landed on the foot on an opponent (she was under the net, ugh). Result: ankle sprain with an avulsion (bone pice shorn from rest of bone). Add winter, crutches and having to get to classes across campus ...

When I am not at work, I am:  Reading, volleyball, spending time with my hubby and daughter paddle boarding, skiing, and walking our doggos.

Bucket List Confession: Hike some of each of the Triple Crown of Hiking trails ... plus Ice Age.

Quote to live by:  "Once you carry your own water, you learn the value of every drop."

Annie Wagner
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