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Vestibular / Balance


Our certified vestibular therapists help define underlying issue(s) causing dizziness and balance issues. Then, appropriate treatment and exercises are used to alleviate primary and secondary symptoms, retrain the brain to override those symptoms, improve ocular motor skills and condition for balance and gait.


Our physical therapists evaluate and treat a wide variety of shoulder problems including from rotator cuff strains, labral tears, arthritis, scapular instability and improper movement patterns that cause shoulder pain. We always screen the neck for impacts on the shoulder. 

head / Neck 


Our physical therapists evaluate and treat for postural deficits, disc disorders, joint malalignment, facet impingement, arthritis, whiplash, muscle strains, improper muscle use patterns and ligament instability. We can also help with chronic migraines and balance issues. 

back​ (upper, middle, low)

Our physical therapists evaluate and treat for postural deficits, disc disorders stenosis , joint malalignment, facet impingement, muscle strains, arthritis, and radicular symptoms stemming from the spine. We also offer treatment for scoliosis. 


Our physical therapists are skilled to differentiate the cause of radicular leg pain from the spine or from the sciatic nerve. This nerve can be compressed in the gluteal region, hamstring or lower leg. 

Hip​ pain

Our physical therapist evaluate and treat the hip for arthritis, labral tears, muscle strains, and ligament sprains. They also look for influence from the back, sacroiliac and pelvic floor of the hip. 

Pelvic health
(male, female)

Pelvic health physical therapists specialize in assessment and treatment of pelvic pain syndromes, bladder problems (urgency, increased frequency, and leaking), pregnancy and postpartum pain, colorectal syndromes (pain, constipation and diarrhea), pelvic organ prolapse, diastasis recti and any other problems with the pelvic region. 

KNEE​ pain

Our physical therapists evaluate and treat the knee for a wide range of diagnosis which may include arthritis, meniscus tears, ligament sprains, muscle strains, patella-femoral dysfunction, and tendinitis. We analyze the whole body as this area is commonly impacted by dysfunction at the back, hip or ankle/foot due to its location in the middle of the lower extremity chain. 

Ankle pain

Our physical therapists diagnosis and treat ankle sprains, instability, tendinitis, arthritis and pre- and post-surgical conditions of the ankle. 

Foot pain / orthotics

Our physical therapists evaluate and treat for plantar fasciitis, neuromas, ligament instability, arthritis, bunions, turf toe and metatarsal pain. We evaluate arc quality and can fit for custom orthotics as needed. 

wrist / hand pain

Our physical therapists evaluate and treat for arthritis, ligament instability, tendon injuries, carpal tunnel and other dysfunctions impacting fine motor use, grip strength and weight bearing activity. 

Elbow pain

Our physical therapists evaluate and treat for tendinitis, ligament instability, muscle strains, along with weakness and improper alignment with activity mites including overhead sports that impact the elbow.

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Arthritis is a part of aging but can often lead to joint stiffness and decreased use. Our skilled physical therapists will help you to improve your joint mobility and strength to decrease joint pain and improve function. We can also help to educate you on techniques for joint protection including proper body mechanics and posture.  


pregnancy care

Pre-natal: Taking into account generalized pain, instability, pelvic floor dysfunction, our specialists educate each woman on preparing her body for labor/delivery. 

Post-natal: Our specialists evaluate the core, pelvic floor, rib cage, breathing, posture, muscle recruitment patterns and more to help patients return stability, strengthen the core and guide them safely back to activities. 

pre- and Post-natal care

gait dysfunction

Gait dysfunctions are changes in your normal walking pattern. Often as the result of disease or other instabilities, BRPT therapists are experts in identifying the deficiencies and teaching you how to correct and strengthen those areas so you can return to your daily activities.

gait issues

Functional medicine

Functional medicine is a natural and effective treatment method that takes a full body approach to pain, illness and dysfunction. Rather than chase symptoms with medication, we collaborate with patients to find a unique program including nutrition, exercise, dietary supplementation (as needed) and hands on treatment. The goal: to minimize pain, promote tissue healing, reduced stress and empower patients to take an active role in their own health. 

functional medicine

chronic pain

Pain that lasts for months or years is by definition, chronic. When pain lasts this long it can affect activity levels socially, in the workplace and more, leading to emotional distress. We'll help you manage pain through hands-on manual therapy and creation of an individualized exercise program to address both strength and aerobic conditioning. We'll also educate you how the brain and nervous system play a role in your pain to provide guidance on self-management.  

chronic pain


Osteoporosis results in a loss of bone mineral density, putting you more at risk for fracture as bones become more weak and fragile. Physical therapy is an ideal way to strengthen bone through weight bearing strength exercises. As movement experts, our dedicated therapists will work with you to create a safe and individualized plan to rebuild bone health and decrease fracture risk.



A balance problem exists when an individual has difficulty maintaining a stable and upright position. A range of factors can cause balance problems, including muscle weakness, joint stiffness, sedentary lifestyle, inner ear issues, medication or aging.
BRPT therapists can help reduce falls risk and fears of falling by improving mobility, balance, strength, flexibility and posture.


sport specific training

Our physical therapists are movement specialists, so we bring a unique understanding to how an individual body responds to what is required in any sport. Always, proper fundamentals, execution, along with strength and conditioning is key. And, YES, your training needs to be specific to your sport. There is no "one size fits all" approach. 

sport-specific training

concussion management

Concussion awareness is on the rise, which is important because concussions are an injury to the brain, symptoms vary widely and can result in negative long-term effects. Because no two concussions are the same, our certified staff will design an individualized , evidence-based treatment,  complete with physical exercises and hands-on care. We examine for neck problems, treat headaches and evaluate the vestibular system to address any dizziness or balance. 

concussion management


How we walk, step, and stand have a direct impact on the strain put on the rest of our body. Custom orthotics correct and support feet to reduce overall fatigue and evenly distribute stresses on your legs, knees, hips, and back.


Our team offers full gait analysis and custom orthotics suited for everyday life and sport-related activities. More often than not, BRPT is much more cost-effective than other outlets.


vestibular therapy

Our certified vestibular therapists help define underlying issue(s) causing dizziness and balance issues. Then, appropriate treatment and exercises are used to alleviate primary and secondary symptoms, retrain the brain to override those symptoms, improve ocular motor skills and condition for balance and gait. 

vestibular therapy

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