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Jes Davies


I graduated from the UW-Madison Physical Therapy program in 1996. My treatment style follows an integrative approach, building on the Institute of Physical Art model of physical therapy (certified in 2014).  With this skill set, I address soft tissue and joint restrictions, restoring position and motion to all areas of the body. I use specific strategies and exercises to retrain habits (improving how we sit, stand, move through our day).

Paired with my pelvic floor training (Herman and Wallace), I am recognized as a specialist throughout the state, treating very complex pain of the hip, pelvis and low back for males and females. Patients who have struggled with chronic conditions not only find relief from long standing issues, but they leave care knowing the source of their pain and how to properly manage on a day to day basis.  

I strive for compassionate listening and believe strongly in all pillars of lifestyle medicine, recognizing when we move our body, eat well, sleep well, and manage stress, we can find the physical and emotional well being we are searching for.  

I have relationships with many alternative care providers (chiropractic care, acupuncture, mental health counselors) to build the appropriate ’team’ to keep you moving forward toward your goals, and offer additional services in nutrition coaching, personal training, private yoga, and yoga classes right in clinic (Body Renovation Wauwatosa West).  

Having recovered from my own breast cancer treatment in 2014, I have a heart to help other women from all stages of life including pre/post natal care, endometriosis, post hysterectomy care, transition through mid life changes of menopause, as well as finding optimum health into our retirement years.  

See me for: Second opinion, orthopedic injuries, pelvic floor needs (female and male), sport-specific training, lifestyle medicine coaching, yoga, amputee training.

Why I chose to become a Physical Therapist: Being an athlete and excelling in my science classes, my high school science teacher encouraged me to become a physical therapist.

Worst injury ever suffered: Recovery from double mastectomy brought orthopedic and functional challenges I never expected.

Craziest injury I have treated: I have had the privilege of treating several quadramembral (4 limb) amputees. Their motivation to move and function has been inspiring.

My favorite food to cook/bake: Anything healthy ... and chocolate chip cookie bars.

If I could travel anywhere in the world: Everywhere, I want to see it all!

When I am not at work, I am: Laughing with my husband, hanging out with our 2 labs, scootering around Wauwatosa. I have hiked the Grand Canyon, repelled canyons in Moab, will be backpacking the Pacific Crest Trail in fall. I hope to experience as many countries and cultures as possible in my future.

Bucket List Confession: I'm a country girl, growing up in a town of 514. When I moved to Wauwatosa I was many times overwhelmed with the size of the 'city'. Being a resident of Tosa since 1997 it now has a very small town feel. I love walking down the street and bumping into familiar people everywhere I go.

Best advice I've ever received: Self-care is not selfish.

(262) 375-1075

Jes Davies
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