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Move freely. 
Live fully.

One-on-one care customized to your goals.


Call it what you want (therapy, rehab, sports medicine, pre-hab, post-surgery, conditioning, medical training, etc.) ... we do it. Given our therapists' extensive backgrounds, we've seen AND successfully rehabbed a LOT of patients. NO aides. NO assistants.

Having surgery in the near future?

No problem.

Need to get back to your sport of choice?

We got you.

Tweaked something in the backyard?

We get it. 

Failed therapy elsewhere?

Not all therapy is the same ... We want to see you.

You deserve to understand WHAT works and WHY it's working for your injury, so you can feel better faster and function stronger than before.

Body Renovation Team
Penelope Conditioning Strength physical therapy

Penelope has been WONDERFUL ... thank you!

It's great to have a medical practitioner who really listens and doesn't make me feel like I'm imagining my pain or that I'm crazy for seeking treatment options that aren't medications. I'm already feeling a lot better after only a few sessions and these will be a regular part of my health and self-care from now on. 

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